Monday, March 20, 2006

Monday 20th March and the bloody weekend!

Oh lord. Tim blogs on the weekend too. This wasn't realised. Anyway it gives us an excuse to be brief.

The post on Single Double Time makes some claims about the position of Britain - to the West of Europe - that are only partially true. Parts of France, most of Spain and obviously Portugal and Ireland (though they are also on GMT) are further west.

The post on taxation perhaps illustrates what's the worst thing about Worstall's site. He is very keen on repeating things he reads in newspapers without checking what they actually mean. In this case Minford's 'study', which is repeated in more detail in The Business and very similarly, but apparently based on the author's own work, in The Sunday Telegraph.

The Times basically misreported it - the calculation is of a marginal tax rate, ie it's what you pay on every extra £100 earned, not on every £100 earned. This was not made clear in the Times' report. Furthermore it is not clear on what basis the numbers have been calculated - it is not easy to work out what is paid in VAT or excise duty on marginal income, as it has to be spent, not saved, and then spent on things that incur either.

Nothing that remarkable in the rest.


Blogger The Pedant-General in Ordinary said...

" Oh lord. Tim blogs on the weekend too. This wasn't realised."

Oh dear. That is a rather silly admission. You clearly can't have been following things very carefully if this comes as a surprise.

Brit Blog round up anyone? Published every week on a SUNDAY....

1/10 for preparation I think.

5:29 AM  
Blogger Devil's Kitchen said...

Watch it, P-G; the next site going up could be "Pedant Watch"...


8:08 AM  

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