Thursday, June 01, 2006

A modest man...

Our Tim has been, in his usual modest way, telling the Press Gazette why he 'pulls columns apart'. Apparently it is:

as someone specialising in jeering at economic illiteracy, I know I'm never going to run out of material.

Much the same could be said about Tim's output. In that very piece he says:

[When Toynbee] thinks that minimum wages do anything other than lower the incomes of the working poor

Of course minimum wages do other things than lower the incomes of the working poor. In fact they often raise the incomes of the working poor, as the report he quotes from says, "It has brought higher wages to many low-paid workers."

Furthermore his website is littered with economic illiteracy. Who can forget the claim that if inheritance tax, which takes in about £4bn a year, was abolished then in a few generations there would be no need for a welfare state? Not a single justification was given.


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